Viva Venezia

Trip to the watery Venice which I absolutely loved and the location of my proposal to my future one of a kind wife.

This time, she experienced the 11-hour flight from São Paulo to London and then a transit for another flight to Venice. I could see that she was tired, but I am very grateful she did this for me. It had been something like 2 months apart, and the joy I felt when I saw her through the arrival doors at T3 is indescribable. It did feel a little like having to get to know each other again in the first few minutes, but this very quickly passed. Felt a little bad as after having to fly all that way, and for the first time to be in the UK, to basically go for another flight straight after was a bit crazy, but in the end I think it all worked out very well.

Trip to Venice started off interestingly as arrived late night in Venice and met my parents at the airport and did the journey back together. Was the first time they ever met and the communication was interesting but we got through it absolutely fine and as actually a lot of fun translating,

Spent in total just a day in Venice but it was fantastic, it was great as she got to meet my parents and get to learn of my family, We all had a lot of laughs and spend the day together doing various tourist things like going on the roof top to see Venice from above, met Dona Lucia, go for pizza, gondola ride etc..

We did all the touristy things together and then I surprised her by asking her to marry me for real with my Grand mother’s ring. We had been joking about getting married and asking each other to get married, but I did it for real this time. It had been in my mind for a while of deciding where and how and I have to admit I was a little nervous in the build-up. I seized the opportunity on a Gondola, where it was just the two of us and luckily to calm my nerves, my future wife immediately before me proposing asks “what are you doing with your hand in your pocket when mine is so cold?!”

This trip was marvellous, especially as she said “Yes”. I will definitely remember this trip for the rest of my life and what a way to celebrate my birthday.