The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

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Title: The War of Art
Author: Steven Pressfield
Link: Goodreads

Start: 26 September 2020
End: 1 October 2020

Great book with a lot of extremely relevant and timely content.

Mostly talks about resistance and the problems that resistance can have on your workday and life. The issue is that resistance will feed on anything to basically make you procrastinate and stop you from doing something that you want to achieve. Resistance will also justify itself with perfect reasoning that it is taking you away from what you are trying to achieve. It will try to make you feel good about not doing something.

Something to keep in mind is that you will become stronger and stronger as you get closer to your goal. The more you are within touching distance from your objective, the more resistance you will feel. Keep going strong – this means you are really close to something magical and need to keep pushing yourself. Ignore that procrastinating voice inside you.

The danger is greatest when the finish line is in sight. At this point, Resistance knows we’re about to beat it. It hits the panic button. It marshals one last assault and slams us with everything it’s got.

To overcome resistance it is important to make sure that each day you push yourself to spend time on the thing you want to achieve – for example, as a writer, you need to sit at the desk and purposefully dedicate the time. You might not write much to begin with but you need to push yourself. At some point, assistance will come and guide you. If you do not sit down you are not giving yourself the opportunity to be assisted.

Resistance doesn’t want us to do this. So it brings in Rationalization.

Rationalization is Resistance’s spin doctor. It’s Resistance’s way of hiding the Big Stick behind its back. Instead of showing us our fear (which might shame us and impel us to do our work),

Resistance presents us with a series of plausible, rational justifications for why we shouldn’t do our work.

Really enjoyable book and very quotable. The ending could have been slimmed down just a little but I enjoyed it the book and its message.