Splendid Slovenia

Meet the extended family kind of trip and visit that can only be described as a fairy tale — an amazing voyage that was truly magical, from start to finish. This was a different trip, my brother and his wife in Europe, we all decided to meet up in Slovenia and spend a few days together with our folks.

Apart from the crazy arrival with the taxi driver who actively replied to WhatsApp and Snapchat messages while driving, was rude and dropped us off in completely the wrong spot and charged us a fortune, the rest of the trip was flawless.

Met up with my family and spent the afternoon together doing touristy stuff like eating, and a bit more eating, followed by eating once again. My bro having spent so much time in Asia, really needs to learn a few European manners once again.

We are such an odd and dynamic group – my bother and I speaking in French to each other but in Italian to our folks. My wife and I speaking to each other in Spanish / Portuñol , my bro and his wife speaking to each other in Chinese. I am sure people thought, what and odd bunch of people and why can’t they all speak the same language.

On the second day we were meant to go to Lake Bled, something I had been looking forward to as I know how magnificent it can be and I wanted to share the experience with my wife, but after an internet problem and a terrible day weather-wise we decided it would be best to stay in Ljubljana. Disappointment aside, we still had a very nice day. We went up to the castle, walked around town, walked along the river and saw a funny looking animal, went for lunch and just spent the day together.

This trip was great even when things were not so fun. Although amazing, the hotel had a bit of a shower / lack of water in the shower problem. There was a simple choice – either a cold shower or a hot one with a drop falling at each time. Luckily this only happened on the last night.

On the third day of our stay, the sun was out in full force, so we hired a car in the morning (after a bit of a panic trying to find one) and off we all went to Lake Bled with a quick lunch pit stop in Radovljica for lunch. Was a different and weird feeling driving with my brother and mum in the car as I hadn’t done this before but all went smoothly. Lunch was cool as was seeing Radovljica again though the highlight of the whole trip was the arrival and the time spent in Bled. Such a splendid location. We walked around, took fun pictures and I felt like I was in a fairy tale.

The whole trip was a joy and I am so glad everything worked out so well.