Magical Montevideo

Montevideo, our first trip together which can either make or break any hope of a relationship. So very glad and thankful it was the former, and it was such an amazing trip from start to finish. Loved every single second of it.

Montevideo, what can be said other than amazing place and even better company. Our first of what I hope will be many many trips together and what a way to start. Felt at home, felt comfortable and would do it all over again. The place where we really clicked as a couple and discovered the many joys and happiness of being with each other.

Was an interesting trip for me as it started after an 11-hour flight to São Paulo from London Heathrow with a quick transit at the airport before heading on another flight to Montevideo. Feeling a bit tired from the long flight (had been a while since I did such a long flight in economy), and the nervousness of meeting the in-laws for the first time, even though it was only briefly so does not really count, was an interesting sensation. Nervous, mixed with anxiety, mixed with the unknown really do make for a different sensation.

What an incredible feeling it was passing the arrivals gates – There she was in the same spot as she had been when I met her for the first time and what followed was a funny hello / hug / high five we had as her family was there – priceless, and what a good laugh we had about it after. Arrival in MVD and more laughter with San Pablo, San Paulo, the mishap with the photo – all excellent fun.

Arriving at the hotel and seeing Montevideo took my breath away. The place looked clean, safe, looked after, habitable, and felt a little like home. The feeling when you arrive and you know it is fantastic without having seen anything yet. The feeling was made even stronger by being close to such an incredible person.

We spent just under a week in Montevideo, and even though we did not do all the touristy stuff, we did all of the amazing stuff. We went exploring beside the hotel, went to the local supermarket to feel like local people, went cycling, walking, hopped on a tour bus and saw the city and the sights from the comfort of the bus while being close together, it was all simply amazing.

Of Montevideo itself, it is such a lovely place and so much better than I could have ever expected. So much interesting architecture, an amazing seafront boulevard where you can walk, run, cycle and eat – all of which we nicely ticked and were really like locals. The experience was only made even better with a visit to the local petrol station for lunch where we discover the funnily named, yet amazingly tasty Agua Helada – Dulce de Leche wrapped in a coconut biscuit . Mmmmmm Agua Helada.

Definitely feels like the best holiday I have had so far. It was comfortable, cosy and well and truly spectacular. I got to know my future wife on a trip, learning of each other, our habits, nuances, and personalities. We got to know what we like, what we dislike, what makes us smile and what makes us sad. We got to learn of each other’s past, all whilst having such a happy and lovely time together.

Overall an incredible experience, a new country and the meeting of my love and getting to know her. Felt remarkably sad to leave this paradise but I have the feeling that one day or another we will be back together.

Safe to say that this trip made our relationship.