Impressive Iguaçu

A surprise trip to such an amazing and enchanting place. I was astonished, amazed and surprised every single second by the beauty of this place.

Following our trip to Montevideo, we flew back to São Paulo, changed airport (which is an experience and trip in itself) and flew to Iguaçu.

Going to another location after Montevideo was always going to be a bit tricky and at the time, I felt it would be tough to beat. I had that feeling of “why did we have to leave Montevideo?” which was amazing. Thankfully this thought was soon eradicated. I am not sure if I would say that Iguaçu is better than Montevideo, but they are certainly up there with some of the best places I have visited. My feeling of worry passed as we flew over the jungle and could see the falls. It looked majestic and completely different to the norm of buildings and cities.

I cannot remember the last time I went on holiday or visited somewhere which was not organised by me or that I did not know the full details before going so I was a little out of my comfort zone, but wow, am I glad I was.

Absolutely everything, maybe apart from forgetting her driving licence at home when trying to hire a car which created a bit of fun, confusion and panic for the Avis guy, was organised to perfection. The hotel, wow! the location, wow! the things to do, wow! And most importantly, the company, wow!! The hotel was amazing and had everything we could have hoped for, amazing pool, amazing breakfast, amazing room. Everything was simply perfect.

The Iguaçu town itself is nothing spectacular, but further afield from the shopping centre there is so much to do and so many impressive sights:

  • Iguaçu falls
  • Three frontiers (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay)
  • Visiting Paraguay
  • Visiting Argentina
  • Bird Park
  • Itaipu Dam

All of which were incredible. This is just the right kind of place for a perfect balance between things to do and time. We managed to do everything we wanted to while still spending some time relaxing back at the hotel and having lazy days.

I do not have a favourite of the things we did as each individually was fantastic. I had wanted to see the Iguaçu falls for a while so this is definitely the highlight, but things like visiting Paraguay, which was absolutely crazy but at the same time so much fun. The chaos, the noise, the walking across a bridge between two borders to get there. Driving for about 1 hour into Argentina while listening to cool music and singing along like in a karaoke bar, only arrive at the entrance of the waterfall park for us to look at each other laugh and turn back. Visiting the bird park and seeing so many interesting and different birds from very close up. All of it was absolutely amazing.

From start to finish I was taken aback by how amazingly well planned and thought of this trip was. Everything was fantastic, the hotel was so luxurious and comfortable. We had a lot of fun on this trip and I was able to see something that has been on my bucket list for quite a while. Gutted to have to leave this tropical heaven.