Amazing Abu Dhabi

While in Dubai we thought what else can we do. My wife had read of the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi so we thought why don’t we go to visit it. Easy, now we just need a way to get there. We did think of hiring a car but sounded like a lot of hassle.

Luckily on our way to the Magic Garden in Dubai, we dropped a hint to the Uber driver who mentioned he would take us. Flat fee for the whole day – he would pick us up in the morning from the hotel and drop us off in the evening. Sounded like a scam so we dug for a little more information and how it would work. He said he didn’t want any money upfront (already a good sign) and that we could pay him half in the morning when he picks us up and the other half when he drops us off. Ok sounds like a great idea, why not.

In the evening back at the hotel, we started chatting whether it was a good idea and picturing two tourists on the side of the road having been mugged. On the flip side, we also thought maybe the driver is thinking the same – Uber driver left t side of the road by tourists. Good images to fall asleep to.

Next morning we woke up and decided to go for it. We waited for the driver and thought it was a bit too good to be true but low and behold, 5 mins late, he arrived and was very apologetic. No problem, we hopped in and saw he had prepared the car with water and sweets for us. for the trip.

After a long drive, we arrived at the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The driver drops us off and tells us to take out time and to text him when done so that he can pick us up.

The Great Mosque itself is a real piece of art. Spectacular building and surrounding grounds. We were in awe of being present in such a masterpiece. We did the tour where you are asked to wear an abaya, which is provided for you, free of charge if you are not covered up appropriately.

Having finished the Great Mosque tour, we were back in the car and the driver tells us he will take us to see a few more sights. Oh oh, this is when we get kidnapped. Fortunately, the driver brings us to the Emirates Palace Hotel and the Qasr Al Watan (the Royal Palace). What an experience. So grateful that he brought us here so that we could see something different and unexpected. The palace is in very lush grounds where you have to take a minibus from the ticket reception to the actual palace. From here you can roam about the open areas of the palace at your will. There is so much to see and the architecture is something different.

On the way back, we stopped off at the Ferrari World briefly and then made the trip back to Dubai. Would definitely recommend and entice anyone who is in Dubai to make a day trip to Abu Dhabi. So worth it and relatively inexpensive.